About us

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Our goal at Rayand is streamlining the design and implementation of Information Technology projects and we are proud to say with none stop efforts we took a productive step to make this happen. This has been made possible with the elite team of engineers who are mainly graduated from international institutions and have experience of working with multinational companies. Our company includes different technical departments for design and implementation of Information Technology projects. Rayand is committed to being with you throughout the entire process of your business automation such as equipment supply, design, implementation and the support of projects such as Web design, Networks and also graphic design.


Take a look at our road map

  • 2011The beginning

    We started in 2010 as a student freelancing team pursuing their dreams and imaginations to take a small step to improve the information technology industry by proving cost-effective solutions to startups and businesses.
  • 2014Polishing

    The members scattered all over the globe to polish their knowledge by taking courses in fine engineering institutions yet still working together as a team with the help of internet.
  • 2018Becoming Rayand

    As we promised to each other got back together (physically) and officially start our own little company for 3 reasons: 1st, don't commit the mistakes other companies do. 2nd, provide economy services to businesses. 3rd, deliver what we promise.
  • 2020Future

    We are creating a future at Rayand which you are playing a big role in it.