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Web design services

your website is the biggest storefront for your business. Without any doubt creating a website is the door to your presence on the internet, therefore, the way it is created is very important. At Rayand we understand the importance of this matter and have the experience to pave the road to your internet presence.

Rayand web design services

All you need to build a professional website

Latest standards

All of our web designs are base on latest industry standards.

Full features

Your website should give you all the tools you need to serve your customers.

Training and support

We train you to manage your website and we are always there for you.

Nice design

Human likes order and beauty. a nice website has a huge impact on your customers.

Rayand offers various customized services and personilized designes. for more info and free consultation please contact us.
* 1 year domain and hosting
** 1 hour training and FREE 3 months support

Customized website design process

Frequently Asked Questions

Answeres to your questions regarding Rayand's web design services

1What are the differences between the packages?
Our packages include the most common and requested features for each industry or types of websites but it doesn't mean you should only pick one of our packages. If you are looking for something specific or any feature that is not included in one of our packages you can request for your special package. That's what we call "Customer base customized package".
2What systems do you use to develop customized websites?
Our developers can create a customized website for you on Wordpress, an other CRM of your choice or even completely from the scratch with PHP or other languages. each one of these systems has their own strength but at the end the choice is yours.
3After developing the site, for how long do you support me?
Our packages include FREE 3 months of support but you can always request for our support after that period for a very small fee or even sign up for one of our "Block Support" packages.
4How long the development of customized websites will take?
The duration of the development completely depends on the type of project, requested features and the size of the project but our standard for packages usually takes between 1-2 months.
5How long development of e-commerce website will take?
The duration of the e-commerce website development completely depends on how big it will be but our normal timeframe is usually between 1-2 months.