Computer Network Services

A network sutable for your business!

Computer network services

In today's world proving computer network services is not just about the ability to provide it. Many of the companies are able to do so but their customers are not happy with the quality or the speed of the project. At Rayand we provide quality and versed services based on your needs backed by the latest network technologies and standards.

Benefits of computer networks

  • Organizations, factories and businesses: To main stream and manage the business resources and increase the productivity.

  • Academies and learning centers: To provide better education services, transfer information to teachers and students much faster and simplify the process.

Key features of a network:


This type of network design helps the admin to design the network and identify the arising issues much faster and easier.


This type of network design helps the admin to design each part of the network as a module and makes the management much easier.


A well-designed network should be able to continue working during situations such as high traffic, hardware or software issues or attacks.


The designed network should be should be flexible, meaning you should be able to add a service or expand it easily.
Rayand computer network services

Rayand's network research and development team are always looking forward to using the latest network technology and protocols to provide world-class services to its customers. Our knowledge in the industry is the only reason why we are one step ahead of competitors.

  • Design and installation
  • Support
  • Netwrok infrastructure
  • Consultation
  • NAS (Network Attached Storage)
  • Virtualization
  • Mail server
  • Virtual Private Networks
  • Backup and restoration
  • Firewalls and security

Active networks


Years experience


Network users


Network engineers

  • "We've seen amazing results already. We can't understand how we've been operating without Rayand's services. Wow what great service, I love it! Not able to tell you how happy I am with Rayand."
    - Clay G.
  • "It's incredible. I love your system. Rayand has really helped our business. It's really wonderful."
    - Leah E.
  • "Definitely worth the investment. It's just amazing. I love Rayand."
    - Priscella A.
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    - Quintin X.

Frequently asked questions

1What's the next step after the consultation?
After the consultation, our engineering team will visit the site and within 48 working hours, we will provide you with the quotation and project details and after your approval and contract signing the work will start.
2How long it will take for a project to finish?
This is a very objective question since each and every project is unique and depends on the features and the size of the project. After the site visit, the duration of the project will be provided to you as part of the project details.
3What do i need for my network?
All of the details and the process will be provided to you as part of the project detail and proposal.
4What do you suggest? wired or wireless?
Depends on your line of business, features and the location this will be suggested to you as part of the project details and proposal.