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Industrial and local networks

  • Virtualization
  • Application servers
  • Local networks
  • Industrial networks
  • Mail servers
  • NAS (Network Attached Storage)
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
  • Firewalls and security

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Web design

  • Business websites
  • Personal websites and portfolios
  • E-commerce and online stores
  • Customize CMS and web applications
  • SEO services

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Graphic Design

  • Logo
  • Business cards
  • Banners
  • Book covers
  • Brochure
  • Web graphics
  • Posters
  • User manual

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Customized IT solutions

For some companies, the basic managed services model – as defined as monthly services – doesn’t meet their business needs. You need support on demand, ready to handle any and every project that might arise. That’s how our By Block, customized IT solution differs from a traditional retainer. You purchase a block of hours per month – without worrying about why you might need them. When something comes up, large or small, you’ve got the talent ready to get to it.

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